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How physiotherapy can help a wide range of conditions for a variety of children 

Developmental delay

If your baby is behind on meeting their gross motor milestones like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing, walking, etc. then physiotherapy can help.  There are many reasons why a child is behind in their developmental milestones and part of the assessment will be to try and find out why.  Research has shown that early intervention is always best despite the common belief of wait and see. 


Balance, co-ordination and core stability

Do you notice that your child can't keep up with other children their age, perhaps they fall over a lot or have difficulty completing a task that involves using both hands?  If so, then you have come to the right place!  Don't let core stability, coordination, and balance problems hold your child back.  A physiotherapy assessment can help find out where the missing blocks are and work with you and your child to improve these key skills which, in turn, will help them to feel more confident and play better! .


Low tone

Have you been told your child has low muscle tone but you're not really sure what that means or what do to next? For babies this may mean they are delayed in their gross motor milestones such a rolling over, crawling, standing and walking. Toddlers may have difficulties with balance and feel more tired easily. School age children may have a harder time keeping up with their peers as the demands of school increase.  Physiotherapy can help you as a parent to understand what low tone is and what impact it may have on your child. 


Other conditions

Physiotherapy can also assess and treat children with conditions such as torticollis, toe walking, musculoskeletal pain, injuries, and other neurological conditions.  However, your child does not need a diagnosis to come to physiotherapy.  If you are concerned about the way your child is moving, or their posture or feel they are not able to do what their peers are able to do then please book a free discovery phone call to find out if this service is appropriate for your child. 

When your child develops good quality of movement you will see improvements in their breathing pattern, posture, co-ordination, balance, core stability, attention, emotional regulation and play. 


free discovery call

Not sure if your child could benefit from physiotherapy?


Book a FREE 15 minute call to discuss your concerns and find out if physiotherapy is suitable for your child. 

inital assessment

The assessment includes a phone consultation with the parent / caregiver to discuss your primary concern and a developmental history.  A full assessment of your child's gross motor skills will take place in your home.

individualised treatment session

Treatment sessions take place in your home, the physiotherapists will bring any equipment of toys they need.  Sessions will consist of play based activities and exercises for your child, you will also be shown how to do these at home. 

six sessions of treatment

Physiotherapy works best with consistency and with a block of treatment your child can build on what they have been learning each week, giving them a better chance of reaching their goal. 


I specialize in delivering engaging training sessions tailored specifically for preschools and early years practitioners, focusing on the essential Foundation of Development. This comprehensive training  dives into the theory behind the significance of establishing a strong foundation of gross motor skills and the age appropriate skills for pre school children.  You will also learn how to identify potential issues related to posture, core stability, coordination and balance and acquire a wide range of activities, games and exercises aimed at enhancing the gross motor skills of the children in your care so they can engage and thrive in their environment. 

Training sessions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your setting. For more information get in touch by clicking on the button below.


''Educational presentation with a simple effective theory which can benefit children within the preschool setting through play, plenty of practical techniques and simple tools to use to achieving this.

I would recommend this course to any parent, teacher or practitioner as it covers a major building block in a child’s development.''

''This was an excellent and informative short course. The course will help me in planning activities for physical play and recognise challenges that a child may face in doing so.''

''Very informative and very good ideas that we can

use within our group.''

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